Rubys Diner On The Balboa Pier

Ruby’s at the Balboa Pier is the original pier Ruby’s. It’s small size and intimate dining make for a very old-fashioned experience. When the sun goes down, the lighting is magic.

Newport Beach has several Rubys’s Diners, including the original where it all began. Ruby’s on the Balboa Pier at the beaches of Newport Beach offers an old-fashioned, small cafe with great views and the same menu featured at all the Ruby’s restaurants. Grilled burgers, crispy french fries, fresh salads, chicken, fish and a variety of tasty dishes are made and served on the spot.

Known for their malts, shakes and sundaes, you’ll commonly see kids and adults ordering a chocolate malt. In addition, most Ruby’s sell beer, as well.

The Balboa Pier where you’ll take an easy stroll to the end of the pier where the diner sits, is located across the street from historic Balboa Pavilion. Boats to Catalina Island depart there daily, as do bay cruises, fishing boats, whale watching and boat rentals for bay fun. The Balboa Island ferry is also located in that spot.

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