Newport Beach Real Estate

Newport Beach Real Estate has a lot of homes on the market, but those homes are spread over a large price range so buyers still have to move quick to get the best of what is out there in their price range. Pricing, Marketing and condition are all key to a successful sale.  Low inventory continues to make this a tough market for buyer and a great market for sellers. The record low interest rates and decreasing demand as you move up in property price makes this the ideal time for move up buyers.

Buyers: While there are a lot of homes on the market in Newport Beach they are spread over a large price range so buyers need to act quick to get the best homes in their price range.

Sellers: Prices have stabilized and volume remains steady but the available inventory is very high so you really need to have your house well prepared for sale, priced right and make sure the marketing is on point so you can get the attention that generates offers. Once your home is on the market an active approach must be taken to acquire feedback and make adjustments as necessary.



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